Make business in Romania


Our company provides the following services:

  1. Business environment: a presentation of business activities on your field of activity.
  2. Company formation (click here to find more about company formation in Romania):
    INCLUDES: founding the company (1-5 shareholders), including: company name reservation, taxes to ONRC (Registry of Commerce from Romania), creating the file to register at ONRC.
    NOT included: register as VAT payer, capital , registration in ROI (Registry of Intra-comunitary Operators), notary taxes , headquarter.
  3. Legal Assistance: on any field of activity, visas, staying permits, commercial assistance.
  4. Accountancy: accountancy, registration of the employees at ITM (Labor Force), payrolls.
  5. Finding Headquarters: with activity, offices (office buildings), villas, commercial spaces.
  6. HR Management: labor protection, selection & recruiting, labor contracts according to Romanian laws.
  7. Property administration: we can provide a complete range of services as: cleaning, rent-a-car, security (office security or personal bodyguard), building maintenance, logistic services: transport (airport-hotel and back, guiding & travel).
  8. Brand building: trademark registration in Romania & abroad; corporate identity: logo, website, business-card etc.