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Whatever type of service requested by you, we assure you that our legal and accounting specialists will find the best solution, and, in this way, your business can begin or continue without downtime or unnecessary activities.



For all services offered by our company, our experienced specialists will give you expert advice so you can make the best decision for the type of activity you are involved in or are about to begin.


With more than 10000 Start Up companies founded in Romania, our company is providing the best solutions to your specific needs, and can provide you in the shortest time: documents, people, headquarters, payrolls, security companies, furniture for offices etc.

Discover the business advantages in Romania

The romanian business environment is continuously growing and offers a lot of business oportunities and advantages. Among the many advantages you can find in Romania, we mention just a few:

  • good banking system (over 36 different banks in Romania)
  • fast internet speed (second place in the world)
  • very good IT specialists & software companies
  • low salaries
  • very well trained people
  • people speak many foreign languages
  • low property costs & administration
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