Company formation

If you need to form a company in Romania in a short time, we are the best solution for you. With over 10000 companies formed and registered in Romania, we can deliver the best services for you, in any possible field or activity.

You can have a new business in Romania in 5-7 working days.

SERVICES:  Our company provides the following services:

  • Company formation
    INCLUDES: founding the company (1-5 shareholders), including: company name reservation, taxes to ONRC (Registry of Commerce from Romania), creating the file to register at ONRC- 750 € (without the registered office and including Registry fees)

This price includes:
founding the company (1-5 shareholders)
company name reservation
taxes to ONRC (Trade Register from Romania)
notary taxes/ power of attorney
creating the file with all the necesary documents to register at ONRC.

NOT Included:
headquarter (350 € / year virtual office or we can find a suitable office/headquarter or place for your company at best prices on the market).

We will take care of all the documents needed, we will register everything at the Trade Register, we will keep you informed during all the process about the status of company formation. Usually, within 3-5 working days, with our help, you can have a fully functional business in Romania.

  • The establishment of the company with the registered office for 1 year is 999 €. (including Registry fees).

Steps for company formation in Romania

A SRL (Limited Liability Company) is the most used type of legal entity in Romania. This kind of business structure can be easily set up in Romania, usually in 5-7  working days, as long as the following steps are considered:

  1. The first step, once the decision to set up a company in Romania has been taken, we must check the availability and reserve the company’s name and logo. This procedure is done through the Trade Register and Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (if you want to have a trademark).
  2. The second step is to provide the necessary documents for the company formation in Romania. SRL companies are registered through the local Trade Register Office and will require a series of documents from the shareholders and administrators such as: Articles of Association (required to contain certain information), Affidavits and Specimen Signatures. In case the future shareholders are foreign companies, then the Romanian Trade Register will also require their registration documents for proof of their existence.
    An entrepreneur can open a company in Romania and choose to either visit the country, or to delegate powers to a representative from our company through a Power of Attorney.
  3. Provide a company office for registration purposes only (virtual office provided by Start Up Romania for  12 months).
    The company is considered legal and operational, once these steps are complete and the registration documents are issued.
  4. The last step when starting a company in Romania is to submit the file to the Trade Register and appear in front of the Trade Register judge for the Romanian company formation.

As we previously specified, the usual time frame for opening a company in Romania is 3-5 business days from the date the entire documentation is provided to the authorities to register the Romanian Company.

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